My Trick to Watch Movies Online For Free on Android

Watch Movies Online: I understand that many times we look for a way to watch a movie online, there are many ways like using hotstar app, videmate app but all of them are paid. Valid only for money but today I want to show how to watch any movie or series you want on your Android phone or tablet, and totally free. In addition, you will not have to install anything.

My way of watching movies and series online currently is based on using the computer and occasionally the tablet, for both cases I use applications but it happens that recently my two favorite sites to watch movies; and has an extensive catalog of excellent quality.

Watch Movies Online

And in addition, the mobile platforms of the main video servers have been updated and allows you to see everything from the phone with which to have an application unless it is to see something with a lot but a lot of quality, it is unnecessary.

First of all, what we need:

1- A phone or tablet with Android, and clear and obvious internet connection I think.

2- Install UC Browser on your device, and nothing else.

3- If you have any questions, you have the comments in this article to tell me, you can also ask on my YouTube channel, on the Facebook fan page or if you want even on Twitter you can tell me anything I am and I always answer.

4- Read well, and so you and I gain time.

Steps to Watch a Movie or Series on Android

  • You have to install the browser on your phone you can download UC Browser on Google Play that I recommend it and you will not regret it.
  • Ready, now you must open the browser and enter this website is the one that I recommend the most because it is a faster website than others.
  • It is not necessary to register, although I recommend it for the benefits it offers.
  • Already within the page what you have to do is choose the movie or series you want to watch and voila, you can also use the search engine and put the title of any movie and security that appears.
  • You have already chosen your movie or series, you will immediately see the “tab” or cover page where the data of the movie or series, things like a brief description and rating.
  • You are inside, right there you see the player and you just hit the Play button and that’s it, just like you would on any PC, but using UC Browser on your phone or tablet will load you faster and with features that I describe below.
  • If you did everything you should already be watching the movie but I recommend you continue reading since I have some things to mention and important for you to have the best of experiences.


I hope with this article you have got a trick to watch movies online for free in android and ios. If you have any query of how to watch movies, then simply see our website and know more. Also you can even comment in our website using the comment box below.

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