Today Hotstar Not Working? How to Fix

Few people were shocked about hotstar app and few were surprised or can say confused why today Hotstar Not Working. Hence if you think traveling in the same boat facing this problem, worry not!! Because if a problem exists ultimately it is going to have a proper or perfect solution too.

Anyhow, let’s come to the point as Hotstar, considered as one of the best platforms where people can watch and enjoy multiple tv shows, movies, and many more cast in different regional languages. But unfortunately, the issue has been encountered like Today Hotstar not working.

Today Hotstar Not Working

This may be due to some glitches or a few random bugs encounter irrespective of time. Well, anyhow if in that case, let’s have a look and learn a certain number of fixes which were clearly explained just below. Go through the methods, implement them one by one to fix or resolve the issue Hotstar not working on.

Today Hotstar Not Working? How to Fix

As Hotstar is one of the best streaming applications, always tries to upload the latest content that might be related to tv shows, movies, and many more. Not just the tv shows, movies, but also it is has been called a great platform to watch IPL cricket cast in different or regional languages. Well,  as per the recent scenario, we might have noticed at times as the Hotstar application fail to work.

IF in that case and if you fail to watch your favorite show, then it’s time to fix the bug by performing certain fixes. Anyhow, to help you or to guide you in fixing Hotstar’s not working troubleshooting issue, we provide certain methods. Go through them and apply them one by one to fix them successfully.

Hotstar Playback Stream Not Available

Before learning the exact meaning of this error, let me tell you people can identify the Hotstar service available only in India. Whereas in other countries, people can watch their favorite shows cast through Disney+Hotstar only through VPN. Hence whenever Hotstar users try to watch content through VPN, there are high chances of getting this kind of streaming error.

Another reason behind getting this type of error is due to the weak signaled internet connection. So, it is suggestible to keep continuously verify the updates and make sure you have a strong or high signaled internet connection which might helps in resolving the bug successfully.

Cross-check the Internet Connection

hotstar not working on tv

The very initial thing one has to cross-examine is the status of the internet connection. If in case the internet-connected to your device is running slow/ not connected, users face this type of troubleshooting issue. So, in order to resolve it, make sure you disconnect and then connect again which at times helps to resolve the error. Also, make sure the internet you are using is high signaled/ active one. For instance, if you’re using mobile data, make sure there is good coverage or a good signal.

Try to Update the Hotstar app

Sometimes, an outdated version also leads to this type of error say Hotstar not working. So, in case if you’re facing such type of error, go to the play store and check whether an update is available or not. If you found any updates, install them immediately to resolve the error successfully.

Clear the Hotstar Cache

Clearing Hotstar cache is too important when you see Hotstar not working bug encountered on the screen. Anyhow in order to clear out the cache, follow the below simple steps.

hotstar not working on laptop

  • Initially, you’re requested to move over the option so-called settings option available on the screen.
  • Go to the apps and notifications available in terms of menu lists-> AppManager.
  • Search for the app named as Disney+Hotstar.
  • Once it is identified, open it-> internal storage-> tap on clear cache.
  • Also, tap on clear data.

That’s all!! This way you can clear the cache and then reopen the application to watch your favorite shows/ movies/ any respectively. Also, this way it helps to eliminate corrupted files/ unused data successfully.

Reinstall the Disney+Hotstar application

If the above solutions do not work or failed to fix the problem of Hotstar not working, then it’s time to reinstall the Disney+Hotstar application. In order to perform the same, follow the below instructions step by step.

hotstar not working on chrome

  • The very first, long-press the app->click on uninstall the application.
  • Otherwise, simply go to the play store-> search for the Disney+Hotstar application.
  • Once after finding out, tap on uninstall.
  • Wait till the uninstallation gets done.
  • Once done, click back again on the install button to get the app into the device.
  • Wait for a while till the installation process gets done successfully.
  • Finally, launch the app.

Now it is all set to access and watch your favorite shows, movies, and many more interesting events uploaded within the application.


As per my thoughts, the above-fixed might help you in fixing the issue easily. Hence no matter anytime if you are facing Hotstar stopped working issue then its time to apply the above methods and fix them accordingly. For more latest updates or latest information, stay connected with and update yourselves by learning new things all the time.

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