Best Apps to Watch Movies From Your Mobile

Apps to Watch Movies: One of the advantages of today’s mobile phones is that we have in a small device the computing power of a PC and with them we can do many things that years ago were not even dreamed of, from playing to watching movies.

This last option, watching movies on the phone, can be criticized by many because the user loses perspective given the size of the screens, but is defended by many others, who use their phones as entertainment media during trips and free moments.

Apps to Watch Movies

Below we show you a selection of the best Android applications to watch movies on our phones and tablet. You can use these apps for free and also you can even upgrade to the premium version of these apps if you are interested further. But in order to check about these applications, they are even giving the premium accounts for 1-day trial. So simply have a look at these best apps to watch movies.

Best Apps to Watch Movies

Some of these benefits may be that they facilitate household chores, allow us to study from anywhere, or give us moments of leisure that just a few decades ago was unthinkable.

In this sense and thanks to the advancement of new technology (and especially Smartphones), we can watch movies anytime, anywhere. To do this, you simply have to install a mobile app that you can download from Android and iOS.

In the following lines, you can find a list of some apps so you can watch movies on your own mobile phone. Some of these apps are free and others paid. What is clear is that they can make you have a good time.


best apps to watch movies online

This app is very useful and without a doubt, is one of the best for watching movies from either Android or iOS. While many users enjoy watching movies from their computers, carrying a smartphone in their pocket with this application makes it possible not to get bored, since from anywhere, whether on the train or on the bus, you can view any of the suggestions that this app proposes you.

This tool is very complete and facilitates the search for movies for the user. Another benefit is that it is completely free.


Best Apps to Watch Movies

Kodi is one of the best options to watch movies from your Smartphone, although you can also watch TV shows and enjoy the best music, sports and viral videos. This application is completely free and has many features, so without spending a cent you can enjoy this tool in its entirety. The installation and configuration process requires little time. So you have no excuse not to watch the best movies from your mobile.

Terrarium TV App

apps to watch movies

With this app you can enjoy the best HD movies from your own mobile for free. Now you can not only enjoy movies, but also your favorite TV shows. It offers the option with subtitles, so you do not lose thread of the films wherever you are. The installation process of this app is simple and contains a wide variety of movies. One tip: you must ensure that your device has the VPN installed to access this application.


movie apps

We begin our selection with Crackle, and the recommendation of more than 20 million users who already enjoy this app. Crackle offers extraordinary new content every month and you don’t need subscriptions or charges. You can watch with her excellent movies like Red, Underworld, and Hurt Locker, and even TV shows Anger Management. You can search for new movies and TV episodes added monthly by browsing their categories: Movies, Shows, Collections, Most Popular and by Genres.


hotstar app

Hotstar is the largest premium streaming platform with more than 100,000 hours of drama and movies in different languages and coverage of every major world sporting event. Hotstar app comes with two unique subscription packages, Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. Hotstar VIP gives you unrestricted access to live sporting events, such as LIVE IPL cricket matches, Premier League, Formula 1 and Tennis. You can also access the serial series before its premiere on television, and Hotstar Specials, that is, critically acclaimed original content. The Hotstar Premium plan includes all the benefits mentioned above, in addition to the latest American television shows and the hit Hollywood movies.


Dozens of applications similar to those we have proposed appear every day, and others disappear due to disagreements with record companies or distributors, but there will always be alternatives to watch the best movies on our phone, with excellent quality and from anywhere with access to 3G , 4G or Wi-Fi networks. For more information visit our website.

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