These batsmen have hit the most sixes in IPL 2022

IPL 2022: Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most expensive and exciting cricket league in the world. The reason for this is the exceptional performance of cricketers from all over the world joining the league. Be it batting, bowling or fielding. The performance in these three areas of cricket is not seen in any other cricket league in the world as seen in IPL. Although the level of bowling and fielding in IPL is also very high, but batsmen have a big contribution in making IPL popular all over the world. Due to which not only this league but also the batsmen have got a lot of popularity all over the world. IPL has a huge contribution in the worldwide fame that Chris Gayle has got as Universe Boss and de Villiers 360 degrees. Although both these batsmen are not playing in IPL 2022, but the show of fours and sixes continues unabated. Let’s see which batsman has hit the most number of sixes in IPL 2022.

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  • joss butler on tap
  • Andre Russell on the other
  • Samson on third

joss butler on tap
The Rajasthan Royals opener, who scored the only century of IPL 2022, also tops the list of batsmen with most sixes in IPL 2022. Jos Buttler has hit 14 sixes in 3 matches.

Andre Russell on the other

In the case of hitting most sixes in IPL 2022, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is Andre Russell. Andre Russell has hit 11 sixes in 3 matches.

Samson on third

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Sanju Samson is the captain of Rajasthan Royals in terms of hitting most sixes in this season. Samson has hit 9 sixes. Apart from this, Shimron Hetmyer of Rajasthan is in 4th place in terms of hitting sixes. Hetmyer’s bat has hit 8 sixes so far. Rajasthan Royals has three batsmen in the list of 5 batsmen who hit the most sixes. Perhaps this is the reason why RR are at the top of the points table by winning 2 out of 3 matches.

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