Where to Watch Karthika Deepam Serial

Karthika Deepam is a serial in hotstar app which can be watched in night. Karthika Deepam Hotstar is a serial that is very popular especially among women and girls because of its interesting plot. Karthika Deepam has been telecasted for more than 100 days now, but it’s popularity has not reduced even today.

The show starts with Yamini played by Nisha Kothari who is a very much pampered girl in the family. She has been married to Ram for 9 years but still she is not getting pregnant, so her father-in-law gets her a servant to help her out with household activities and bring some balance at home.

Karthika Deepam Hotstar

Yamini starts taking this servant as a friend and the story progresses from there. Other actors who play the roles of Yamini’s family members include Ramesh Bhat, Girija Lokesh and Ravindra Gautam. The story is so interesting and the visuals and music used in this serial make it even more attractive.

Where to Watch Karthika Deepam Hotstar Serial

We can watch this serial in free hotstar app pc and tv and mobile which is a leading online entertainment portal.

Karthika Deepam Season 2

There is no official confirmation about season 2 of Karthika Deepam. But there are some rumors which say that Nisha Kothari who plays Yamini’s role in karthika deepam has been selected as a lead role in a new serial which is produced by ETV. So there might be a chance of karthika deepam season 2 in the future.

Actors in Karthika Deepam Serial

There are many actors and actresses who play the roles of different people in Yamini’s family. Nisha Kothari is the main lead actress and she played the role of Yamini who belongs to a rich family and married Ram who is very much elder than her, but he loves her a lot. Girija Lokesh plays the role of Yamini’s mother. Ramesh Bhat plays the role of Yamini’s father-in-law and Girija Lokesh’s husband in the serial.

Ravindra Gautam plays the role of Ram, who is a very kind-hearted person but due to some family problems he has to leave his home and join his brother’s family as a servant.

kathika deepam

Nisha Kothari Plays the role of Yamini who is a housewife and doesn’t like doing any household work and wants someone to do it for her. She loves Ram a lot but due to some problems, she creates ego issues between them. Nisha Kothari is a well-known actress in the Telugu film industry and she was last seen in the Telugu film ‘Ramayya vasthavayya’.

Ramesh Bhat plays the role of Yamini’s father-in-law. Ramesh Bhat is very well-known actor in the Kannada film industry, he acts in many serials as well as films. He is famous for his villain roles in most of films.

Girija Lokesh plays Yamini’s mother who is a very kind-hearted person but her daughter-in-law always creates ego issues between them. Girija is a very much popular actress, she acts mostly in Kannada TV shows and serials now.


Karthika Deepam is a nice story that shows the family values and how they stick together even after facing so many problems. There are also comedy scenes which make an interesting watch. You can visit Hotstar app for more information.

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