IPL 2022: Jason Roy left IPL, will get Rs 2 crore from auction?

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  • Jason Roy will not play in IPL 2022
  • Bought by Gujarat Titans in Mega Auction

Just before the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Jason Roy of Gujarat Titans has taken a big decision. Jason Roy will not participate in IPL 2022, he has taken this decision due to bio-bubble. However, questions are also being raised on this decision of Jason Roy because when the IPL auction took place a few days ago, he was bought for Rs 2 crore.

But now a question also arises that now if Jason Roy does not participate in the Indian Premier League, will he get 2 crores of IPL contract or not. You can know about the rules regarding salary in IPL.

When any team buys any player, then their bid is done through auction. A player goes to the auction only under the base price.

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The player is sold under one price, that auction price is his fee for one season. That is, if Jason Roy was bought for Rs 2 crore, then the fee for one season was Rs 2 crore. In the auction, any player joins a team for a contract of 3 years.

Injury gets half the fee

If a player gets injured before the tournament or in the middle of the tournament. Then he is entitled to half his fee, because it is not his fault. If a player does not get to play a single match in the entire tournament, but is available with the team throughout the tournament, then he gets the full contract fee.

However, in the case of Jason Roy, things have turned completely different. Because Jason Roy has withdrawn from IPL of his own free will, it is difficult for him to get this year’s fee. But a lot in this also depends on the relationship between the IPL team and the player. If we look at Jason Roy’s IPL record, he has played only 13 matches, in which he has scored 329 runs.

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