How to Watch Hotstar in USA With Lowest Prices

How to Watch Hotstar in USA? This is the very common query you can get the hotstar download with every person situated in the United States of America. The answer to it is yes. Hotstar is officially available over there. Not only the official website, but you can also even find the app in both Google Play Store and Apple store by which can be downloaded and can access in the USA too.

But if you like to watch any series/ tv shows/ movies/ any through Hotstar, it might not be possible. Because the whole content is geo-blocked and can be accessed in India. But how if you like to access the same in the USA? IS it possible? Yes!! By taking the help of the VPN, the content can be accessible by the people leaving in the United States of America. Hence it is clear that taking the help of a reliable VPN service, will have an opportunity to unblock the Hotstar service in the USA.

How to Watch Hotstar in USA

However, just go through the below information to learn how to access the VPN in a perfect way. So that we can easily unblock the Indian Hotstar without facing even a single difficulty. Along with the steps we also provide the best VPNs that can be used to unblock the Indian Hotstar successfully taking less amount of time. Hence let’s start!!

How to Watch Hotstar in USA?

Just by taking the help of one of the best VPN, the person located in the United States of America will get a chance to start access. Anyhow you can simply follow the below steps and implement the same to get succeed in accessing Hotstar by taking the help of a VPN. Let’s go through the same now.

watch hotstar us

  • The very first it is suggested to download the best VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Once the download process gets done, make sure you subscribe to it.
  • Next to this, open it and sign in by providing the credentials as input.
  • Also, make sure you connect to the Indian server.
  • Login to the Hotstar. So that you can watch your favorite shows and make some fun higher.

This way one can easily access the VPN from the USA. Other than ExpressVPN, there are a few more best VPNs available which were shared just below. Let’s head over into the details.

Best VPNs to Unblock Disney+Hotstar in the USA

Well, there might be numerous VPNs that help to unblock the service provided by Hotstar. But fortunately, the following three play a major role and are highly preferable ones too to unblock the Hotstar in the USA. Let’s study all such details in detail now.


You might all know the ExpressVPN considered as one of the fastest Indian Servers greatly helps in unblocking the geo-restricted services offered by India. Not just the Hotstar but you can also unblock one more famous application called ABC iView. So that anyone can easily access it even from the USA. Irrespective of platforms like Windows/ Android/ iOS/ Firestick/ Linus/ MacOS or any, people can unblock the Hotstar streaming content especially the favorite shows easily by taking the help of ExpressVPN.

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100% worth and comes with the 30-days money-back guarantee policy. However, this is introduced around 3000+ servers in 94 countries. While when you look for the Indian servers, there are 3 available. Hence if you like to unblock the geo-restricted service, make sure you select the ExpressVPN which is 100% recommendable. The only part we need to think about before choosing ExpressVPN is a bit expensive.


Among the numerous, SurfShark is an affordable one that helps you to unblock the geo-restricted service by which can start watching your favorite shows too easily without facing any hurdle. All it provides the three best Indian servers by which people can unblock the Hotstar service and accessed it from the USA. Overall comprised of 3000+ servers available in 60+ distinct countries. Accessing a VPN like SurfShark is completely risk-free.

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Besides this, there is one more good news for all the people. None other the SurfShark is providing a 30-days money-back guarantee policy. Moreover offers simultaneous features and connections like P2P traffic, Kill Switch, IP address, and many more. Also, the servers available in India were highly optimized. One more advantageous point of SurfShark offers unlimited logins. Highly suggestable who is looking forward to unblocking the Hotstar service in the USA.


Apart from the above two, NordVPN is considered the best and largest network. Overall comprised of 30+ servers available in India. They were optimized and consists of AES 256-bit encryption protocol which is 100% risk-free. This is safe because it never showcases the IP address or DNS or any to everyone. Also, one can easily unblock the service offered by Disney+hotstar.

how to watch hotstar us

Isn’t that good news? Moreover, NordVPN is offering a 30-days money-back guarantee policy. If you like to share this VPN, it’s going to offer around 6 logins. This is what helps in sharing the account details either with your friends/ family. Overall, this is the high-speed optimized server, access it today and unblock the content to enjoy watching your favorite shows played via Hotstar.

Why Indian Hotstar Version Chosen as Best?

The following are the reasons why the Indian Hotstar Version was chosen as best. Let’s head over to the points shared in simple and easily understandable language.

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  • Indian Hotstar Version was chosen as best because it offers premium and free versions to watch all your favorite shows available in terms of the library.
  • Mouse House also offers Indian content via Hotstar that helps in watching your favorite shows easily.
  • Most importantly, the Indian Hotstar offers a 7-10 day money-back guarantee policy but unfortunately, this offer is unavailable for USA subscribers.

How to Subscribe to Hotstar with Lowest Rates?

Well, if you’re staying in the USA, and looking forward to Subscribing to Hotstar India, can pay $19.68 rather than paying $50. The only thing you need to look forward to is to follow the below steps to get the avail discounts offered by Hotstar.

  • Select the best VPN provider which is comprised of Indian servers and suggested subscribing with any of the provided packages.
  • Next to this, download the selected VPN.
  • Perform and complete the whole installation process.
  • Login and connect to the Indian server.
  • Now visit the official website URL, pick the package you like to go with.
  • Register yourself by providing either the contact number or registered email id.
  • Pick the payment mode at your convenience and finish the whole process.
  • That’s it!!

This way you can easily access your favorite shows at anytime successfully without facing even a single hurdle and thus without paying any kind of additional or extra charges.

Hotstar Compatible Devices

Well, if you are looking for Hotstar compatible devices, here are the lists.

  • Roku
  • PS4
  • Windows PC
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • OSX Mac
  • iOS devices
  • LG Smart TV

Through any of the above devices, you can easily plan in choosing the best VPN, download, connect so that will never fail in accessing or watching all your favorite shows successfully.


These are the complete details of how one can watch Hotstar in the USA. If you like to learn more, make sure to provide it in below comment box. We will surely update the details. Apart from this, to learn more, stay connected with and learn the needful information that is going to be provided here.

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