How to Watch Hotstar Malayalam Movies and TV Shows?

You might get doubt whether there is Hotstar Malayalam available or no. Right? Let me tell you can easily download hotstar app which is a big platform by which one can watch movies/ serials/ web series/ Hotstar originals available in different languages. Like it might be Hotstar Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam, English, and other different languages too. This statement clears that we can find out various movies and serials that stream in the Malayalam language.

Viewers can watch their favorite shows all over the country without facing even a single difficulty. Also, one more important point about Hotstar is, one must subscribe either to the VIP or Premium one to watch the latest films, serials, and many interesting shows. Hence it is clear that irrespective of language one can watch any shows and movies too. But the only part is subscriptions play a significant role.

Hotstar Malayalam

Based on the need or criteria, one is requested to pick the plan without getting fail. Once the subscription part is done, can enjoy watching all your favorite shows streamed in multiple regional languages. Besides this, today we focus and learn how to watch Hotstar Malayalam Movies and the respective tv shows that are going to be cast every day over such an amazing digital platform. So, are you excited to learn the current significant things about Hotstar Malayalam? If yes, let’s head over to the details straightforwardly.

Disney+Hotstar Malayalam Movies and TV Shows

Disney+Hotstar, one such biggest platform also called online OTT can be accessed from all over India. Not just in India, but also has an opportunity to watch all our favorite shows living in any corner of the United States of America and Asia too. If you are looking for the details related to How To Watch Hotstar In USA, Tap on the provided link. Either it may be the Hotstar Tamil, Hotstar Telugu, Hotstar Malayalam, or any, people can watch their favorite shows, latest episodes, movies in their free time and can make some fun.

best malayalam movies on hotstar

Because all the serial’s latest episodes are going to be uploaded in the Hostar at or between 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. in the morning itself. Not just the movies, serials, reality shows, web series, even there is the opportunity to watch live sports streaming in the Malayalam language. Other than this information, there are some more interesting facts about the viewer’s favorite application so-called Disney+Hotstar. If in that case, are you ready to learn the complete details about the Disney+Hotstar? If yes, let’s go through the same.

Disney+Hotstar Channels

If you have been observed there are 31 different languages that are going to provide the best and interesting content too. Thus the lists of channels were as shown below.

  1. Hotstar Specials.
  2. Quiz
  3. Star Utsav
  4. Star Plus
  5. Star Bharat
  6. Asianet
  7. Star Maa
  8. Star World
  9. HBO original programming
  10. Showtime
  11. Select Picks
  12. ABC studios
  13. Star Pravah
  14. FOX Life
  15. Plus
  16. Star Suvarna
  17. Star Maa Gold
  18. Star Jalsha
  19. Star Vijay
  20. Star Sports 1 Malayalam
  21. Star Sports 1 Tamil
  22. Star Sports 1
  23. Star Sports 2
  24. Star Sports 1 Kannada
  25. Star Sports 1 Telugu
  26. Star Sports 1 Bangla
  27. Star Sports First
  28. Star Sports 1 Hindi
  29. Star Sports 1 Marathi
  30. Star Sports 2 Select HD
  31. Star Sports 1 Select HD

Hence viewers as per their preference can pick and watch their favorite shows anytime 24/7. Now, let’s take a look and learn about the different regional languages by which the content gets updated in the amazing platform so-called Disney+Hotstar.

Lists of Languages that can be Seen in Disney+Hotstar

Well, other than Malayalam, if you like to learn what all languages can be accessed just by sign in up to our Hotstar account is as shown below. But one thing you need to remember is viewers can watch their favorite shows, movies, or any only after upgrading to the VIP or Premium account. Anyhow let’s now concentrate on what all languages can be identified over the Disney+Hotstar, Thus the list is as follows.

  1. Tamil
  2. Telugu
  3. Malayalam
  4. Hindi
  5. English
  6. Marathi
  7. Bengali
  8. Kannada

In All these 8 different or regional languages we can watch our favorite programs like tv shows, movies, reality shows and many more.

How to Watch Hotstar Malayalam Movies and TV Shows?

Finally, we had come to the point. So if you are looking for the process of exactly how to watch Hotstar Malayalam movies and tv shows streamed in it is as shown below. Go through the points so that it will become easier for you to watch your favorites streamed in the Malayalam language over the Hotstar digital platform.

  • Very simple. Open the Hotstar application either on your laptop or Mobile.
  • If you haven’t sign in, sign up now.
  • If you are unaware of the log-in process, tap over the link.
  • Now once after login process is done, subscribe either to the VIP package or premium account based on the need.
  • Once done, go to the option called to go to the three horizontal lines which are also called as hamburger menu present on the top-left corner of the home screen.

how to watch hotstar malayalam movies

  • From such a drop-down menu-> select the option called languages which is available in the form of lists.
  • This is the place where you see multiple regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Marathi, Bengali too.
  • As you are seeing for Malayalam content, tap on the respective language.
  • That’s it. This is the place when you can see all the tv shows, movies, series, and other content uploaded in the Malayalam language.

Hence pick the content which you like to watch and thereby enjoy seeing the same and make some fun accordingly.

Best Hotstar Malayalam Movies Lists to Watch

The following are the best and latest movies lists available on our digital platform so-called Hotstar. Hence if you like to have some idea about the latest updates, go through the below bullet points.

  • Varathan
  • Koode
  • Pathamudayam
  • Chunkzz
  • Malavika
  • Ilakkangal
  • Mangalyappallakku
  • Puthran and many more!!

These are the certain lists of best movies to watch in the Malayalam language. Like this, there are many more to watch and enjoy. So, if your the Hotstar viewer and like to watch your favorite content uploaded in the Malayalam language, suggested not miss out on watching the same.


These are the complete details related to Hotstar Malayalam. If you like to learn more interesting details, just mention them in the provided comment section. We will surely update the content in a short amount of time. Stay tuned to learn more interesting facts about our favorite digital platform called the Disney+Hotstar application.

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