How to Get Hotstar Free Trial USA and Subscription Plans

If you are looking for a Hotstar Free Trial USA, then this post is for you. Hotstar is a great platform to watch Indian content on your TV, you can get the hotstar download for free trial and its subscriptions plans. This digital streaming service offers a great range of entertainment in Hindi and other Indian regional languages across different countries.

Hotstar is an Indian video streaming service and over-the-top subscription platform. You can watch Hindi and other regional content such as movies, TV serials and shows, reality shows, and much more on Hotstar. The Hotstar Specials and Hotstar Originals content is also provided for the Hotstar users.

hotstar free trial usa

So, if you want to use Hotstar outside India, say the USA, then you can easily access its services. Hotstar is available in UK, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines along with India. If you want to get a Hotstar free trial in the USA, then read below.

Hotstar USA

Disney+ Hotstar video streaming service in India offers two types of plans namely VIP and Premium. But, there is no such VIP plan for the Hotstar USA platform. You can install the Hotstar USA application on Android and iOS devices for free. There is also a free version of Hotstar that you can use. But, you will only get limited content to view on Hotstar with this plan.

hotstar usa

Hotstar USA Subscription Plans

Hotstar has a basic plan which is completely free of cost. With Hotstar free trial USA or free account, you can watch TV serials after they are aired on TV, highlights of sports matches, live news, and selected movies with ads. But, if you want to access movies, TV shows, serials without ads, then you must change to a paid service. Not only that, with a Hotstar USA subscription, you can also watch Hotstar Originals and Hotstar Specials before they air on TV.

The Hotstar USA subscription service has two plans available for users.

  • Hotstar Monthly Recurring plan: $19.99 + taxes per month
  • Hotstar Annual Recurring plan: $49.99 + taxes per year

The original price of the annual recurring plan for Hotstar USA was $99.99. But, now the Hotstar platform is giving huge discounts to its users. You can get an annual subscription to Hotstar just at half of the cost. If you select the monthly plan, then it will cost you around $239 per year. Therefore, switching to an annual recurring plan of Hotstar is a better choice.

Hotstar USA Plan Benefits

Following are the benefits provided by the Hotstar free trial USA or paid subscription. You can enjoy the following benefits on your Hotstar application once you have a membership.

  • Multiplex & new Indian movies
  • Hotstar Specials and Star serials before TV
  • Ad-less content
  • Access to thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Unlimited Live Sports from India and Europe
  • Latest American movies & TV shows in English + Dubbed
  • Regional and International content
  • Can use one account on two devices simultaneously

Hotstar Free Trial USA

Most people want to use the application first, test its services, and for video streaming apps, most users want to try it out first. If you also want to check out the Hotstar application content, then the Hotstar free trial USA is the best option. A 30-day Hotstar free trial USA used to be available before. However, the Hotstar free trial USA has been removed from the OTT platform.

Currently, there are no Hotstar free trial USA region users. If you want, you can get a $5 or $8 discount on your subscription by using third-party promo codes which you never know will work or not. So, you can at least give it a try for those discount codes. However, there is no free trial available in the USA. But, there is Good News for those who have subscribed to the Hotstar annual membership plan.

hotstar free trial in usa

If you have subscribed for Hotstar annual recurring plan, then you can get a full refund of your amount if you cancel your subscription within 48 hours. You can check out the content, watch all you want in 48 hours, and then cancel your subscription and request a refund. The total amount will be refunded to your credit card number without any issues. This method is only valid for Annual Recurring plan users. Those who have subscribed for a monthly plan can’t benefit from this.

How To Get Hotstar Free Trial USA

Follow the simple steps given here to get a free trial on Hotstar. Remember that this free trial is just for 48 hours. You have to pay and subscribe for the plan and then get a full refund from Hotstar USA. Disney+ Hotstar Free Trial is available in India. However, users from the USA can’t benefit from the 30-day free trial.

  • Install the Hotstar application on your Android or iOS mobile phone or visit

hotstar free trial usa

  • Now, click on “Subscribe” to view the available subscription plans.
  • Make sure to select the “Annual Recurring Plan” for Hotstar.
  • If you are a first-time user, then click on “Create Account”.
  • Enter your details and submit them to create an account successfully.

disney plus hotstar free trial usa

  • Next, enter your credit card details and finish the payment.
  • Your Annual recurring plan will be active now. Cancel the subscription within 48 hours and request a refund.

How To Get Hotstar Free Trial Using VPN

If you don’t want to go for the earlier method, then there is another risky option that you can use. Disney+ Hotstar India offers a free trial of 30 days for first-time users. You can use the VPN of an Indian server and get free trials even if you are in the USA. Using a VPN for accessing geo-restricted content is illegal, so, we recommend not taking this risk.

  • First of all, install a VPN service and connect to an Indian server.
  • Now, install Disney+ Hotstar or visit

how to get disney plus hotstar free trial usa

  • Click on “Start your free trial” and sign up for an account on Hotstar.
  • Enter your billing details and submit them to start your free trial.
  • Cancel the trial within 30 days to avoid payment.


We have talked about the possible methods to get a Hotstar Free Trial USA. If you are also looking for a Hotstar Free Trial USA, then try the tricks given here and get a free trial on Hotstar. For using the Disney+ Hotstar free trial, the only way is to use a VPN. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Keep visiting for more useful guides.

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